Visa fee must be paid through demand draft favoring High Commission Of Malaysia/ Consulate General Of Malaysia payable at Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi for all applications accepted in South, West, North and East region respectively.

Convenience Charges of INR 100 is applicable if Visa fee is paid through Card (Cash payment is not accepted for Visa fee)

  • All Demand Draft favoring Consulate General of Malaysia payable at Mumbai should not be more than 1 month old.
  • The contents on the Demand Draft should be clearly visible and not overwritten.
Demand draft details Location
Consulate General of Malaysia, Payable at Chennai Bangalore and Hyderabad
High Commission of Malaysia, Payable at New Delhi Chandigarh and Kolkata
Consulate General of Malaysia, Payable at Mumbai Ahmedabad and Pune

Listed authorized banks for Chennai consulate

  • 1. SBI bank
  • 2. Indus Ind bank
  • 3. Ratnakar bank Limited
  • 4. Standard Charted bank
  • 5. Axis bank
  • 6. Deutsche bank

Listed authorized banks for Mumbai consulate

  • 1. SBI bank
  • 2. Indus Ind bank
  • 3. Ratnakar bank Limited
  • 4. Standard Charted bank
  • 5. Axis Bank
  • 6. Deutsche bank
  • 7. HDFC Bank
  • 8. ICICI Bank
  • 9. Yes Bank
  • 10. Kotak Mahindra Bank

OSC Charges:

All applications lodged in India will be levied OSC charges INR 4720/-(incl.of Taxes) in addition to the Visa fees and VFS Service Charges.

The OSC charges can be paid by debit /credit card with convenience charges of INR 150 per applicant

(Cash payment is not accepted for OSC fees)

VFS Service Charges:

VFS Service Charges:

Applicant applying in India need to pay a service charges of INR 500/-in addition to the Visa Fees and OSC Charges (Inclusive of Taxes)

Optional Services:-

Service Benefits Amount (Per Application)
Courier Passport delivery at your home / office address INR.315/-
(Inclusive of taxes)
Push SMS SMS alerts
(Applicant  will be updated with the progress of application at every stage)
(Inclusive of taxes)

Please Note:

  • All Visa Fee, OSC ,Convenience Charges and VFS service charges listed above are per application.
  • Visa Fee & OSC fees can be paid only through DD or Card. All charges for VFS Services and Optional Services are to be paid in cash only.
  • All the Charges are non-refundable.
  • The demand drafts should not be issued by any co-operative bank.
  • The courier services shall be confined to areas covered by the courier company. Please check with the submission officer.
  • All demand drafts submitted with visa application must be valid for at least one month from the date of submission. Any demand draft with less validity stands to be rejected upon submission.

    Amended and Handwritten demand drafts are not accepted.

    Note for Bulk Submission:

    Please be informed as per Directive from the Consulate General of Malaysia, Mumbai, VFS Pune & VFS Ahmedabad center will accept a maximum of 3 Demand Drafts favoring "Consulate General of Malaysia, Mumbai" for bulk submission submitted by any Travel agent.